Saturday, April 6, 2013

Moving On to New Adventures!

I have some sad/exciting news to share! We're MOVING! Our little family is relocating alllllllllll the way to Charlotte, North Carolina. My husband is transferring to a new office in Charlotte for work, and Paxton and I will be tagging along with him!

Arizona has been a wonderful home to us for six years. I started my teaching career here, at a school I will never be able to replace. It's where my teaching heart is, and where I learned everything I know about education. I am so very sad to be leaving all of my colleagues, and friends here behind.

But when I think about how wonderful it will be to be so much closer to our families on the East Coast, and for Paxton to be able to grow up around them, I get very excited! My family heart is still at "home" in Michigan. We will be much much closer. It seems like we are being led on this path for a reason, and I am excited to see where it will take us.

Now the long to-do list beings. Sell our house, pack up, find a new job, find a new house, DRIVE across the country with a baby...! Yikes. We started today by listing our house. Hopefully the market is stable enough for a few weeks and we'll be able to sell it quickly. I also need to find a job! Anyone know anything about the Charlotte area? I have been researching, but its hard to gauge the feeling of an area and its schools from the internet. I've been using the Great Schools website to help me, but I'm starting my search without any background knowledge. I'm working on my resume, and looking at openings daily. It will be very different to move away from Arizona, a state with such a large ELL population, to a state with a much smaller one. I'm hopeful I'll find the perfect job where I'll still be able to use all my ELL skills. I guess I just have to have faith that the perfect spot will find me. It's scary to be ending this year without a job lined up, but I know that new opportunities for me are out there somewhere!

I'm glad to share this news with all of you! It's been very hard to tell people, and say that "we're moving" out loud. It makes it seem more real I guess. Everyone has been very supportive and happy for us as we start our new adventure. Thanks for letting me share that with you! If anyone has any advice, tips, or knowledge about moving to the Charlotte area, please let me know!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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