Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Back in Action

Today was my first day back from maternity leave. Thankfully we had a restful night, and our morning with Paxton went pretty smoothly too. I had my coffee, took an extra cup for the road, and left my house feeling excited to see my babies at school.

I got to school with the intention of getting reacquainted with my room, and getting reorganized. I had just settled in at my desk, with my favorite purple flair pen to make an extensive to-do list. Then I got a call from the office. "Good morning Mrs. Conger, welcome back. You're late for traffic duty." Blahhhhhhh. I HATE traffic duty. Instead of getting our morning prep before the kids arrive, we have to stand in the parking lot and breathe in the car exhaust while we monitor the cars, and the kids in the crosswalk. This was not a good start to my first day back. I put on my beautiful, and very flattering, neon orange crossing guard vest, and headed outside. I hadn't even been outside five seconds before the hugs started! I got hugs, and smiles, and "Mrs. Conger! You're back!!" from so many sweet smiling kids this morning. Some kids I didn't even know! One little girl came up to me with a great big hug and said "Mrs. Conger! Welcome back! We started new math groups while you were gone, and I get to be in your class!" I said "Math groups! I hope I know what to do." She told me that she could teach the group for me if I wanted! Very cute. Traffic duty was actually JUST the thing I needed to get my morning started!

From there I went to pick up my class from morning recess on the playground. When they saw me coming, they started running across the field and all rushed me with a great big hug. I really missed them! I'm glad they missed me too. While I was gone, they had a FANTASTIC sub, and I was worried they wouldn't want me back!

We spent most of the day (thank goodness it was a half day) looking at pictures  and videos of Paxton, telling stories about him, and getting caught up on things they had done over the last three months. Our conversation went a little something like this:

"Mrs. Conger, can Paxton eat pizza yet?"

"Mrs. Conger, guess what? My cousin learned how to jump off our roof."

"Ms. Alcaraz, I mean...Mom....I mean....MRS. CONGER!!

"Mrs. Conger, guess what?! My reading level is an 11 now!!"

"Mrs. Conger you used to have peach color on your skin, but now you just look white."

"Mrs. Conger, did you have your baby yet....?" (Really!?)

"Mrs. Conger, am I from China?"

Seriously. I think I might change my name for tomorrow. And most of those beauties were in the first 10 minutes of our day! They were all wound up and ready to SHARE! They wanted to share every little thing with me that I had missed. It was so very cute, but boy did I need a Tylenol and some silence by lunch time!

I think the cutest part of our day was when I dropped them off at Music. I guess they thought I might leave them again because they all started giving me hugs, and saying 'BYEEEE!! BYE Mrs. Conger!" I had to reassure them that I WOULD be back to pick them up in just 20 short minutes. I promise!

It was a very unproductive, but super sweet day. I missed my kids dearly! They can really make a day better with their stories and smiles.

Tomorrow is a full day, YIKES, and we have to buckle down and finish test prep for our SAT 10 test next week. Two more days until the weekend! I think I can, I think I can...

Happy Wednesday!



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  4. So glad you had a fantastic day back!!! :) My kiddos were full of excitement, too. No joke... I I forgot I had morning duty my first day back as well. LMBO! Unfortunately, the "did you have your baby, yet?" q's still come up every once in a while... and my sub moved next store (that teacher just had a baby too!) and my kids make up excuses all day to go and see her. Keep us posted on how things go! :)

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