Friday, February 17, 2012

Brain Sprinkles

This is my fifth year of teaching. Last year I had the best year ever, and everything just fell into place. But this year is an entirely different story. The start of my year just felt off. Nothing was really turning out how I imagined it. I couldn't find my groove at all. I needed something, and was desperately searching for the oomph I was missing from my teaching this year. AND THEN IT HAPPENED!! Like a gift from the teaching goddesses. I discovered (TPT), blogging, and Pinterest all in the SAME week! I sat for hours and hours clicking and searching and connecting. I couldn't get enough of all the wonderfully creative ideas and materials they had to offer!

The very first thing that popped up for me on Pinterest was a picture of "brain sprinkles." Ooooooh! Sparkles! Must Click! I got really excited by this great idea, made some of my own, and took them back to my classroom the next day. I was so excited to share this idea with my kiddos! I shook the bottle over their heads first thing in the morning, and I could see how excited they were too. Brain sprinkles worked their glittery magic, and something wonderful happened in my classroom that morning. I was excited about teaching again! Brain sprinkles not only turned on and excited my students brains, but my own as well.  Brain sprinkles have changed my whole teaching life. TPT, blogging, and Pinterest are my own personal brain sprinkles. They have changed the way I feel and think about teaching. I feel like I got my fire back!

When I decided I wanted to start a teaching blog to share and inspire others like I have been, I knew exactly what I wanted to call it.  Like all of you on TPT and blogger have inspired me, I hope my ideas and blog might someday bring some brain sprinkles to your teaching and classroom too!

Here is a picture of our brain sprinkles! They might look simple, but boy are they powerful!

Please be aware that I know I definitely did NOT invent brain sprinkles. I find them so personally inspiring, and that's what I hope to give and take from blogging. Inspiration!!



  1. I know how you feel! Last year wiped me out and I wasn't sure if I could start a new year if it was anything like last year. I became inspired over the summer by pinterest, teaching blogs, and TPT! I've found my groove again and I LOVE it!!

    WILD About First Grade!

  2. Hi! My blog is called Sprinkles to Kindergarten and I use Brain Sprinkles. I would love for you to visit my blog sometime too!